Gen. Henry-Tumukunde.

2021 Presidential aspirant Lt. Gen. Henry Tumukunde has urged health Minister Jane Ruth Aceng to step down after flaunting Covid-19 guidelines.

The minister was filmed addressing a congregation of people without observing social distance on top of not wearing masks. In response, the minister refuted all claims that she was not holding a political rally rather launching the distribution of face masks in Aromo Sub-County and training people on how to properly use the masks on Friday July 10, 2020.

Millions of people have been infected, and thousands of people have died. In Uganda, a lockdown was imposed and millions supported it to help minimise the spread of the virus and fortunately no death has been recorded. However as the lockdown was lifted, the minister of health Jane Ruth Aceng came up with standard operating procedures (SOPs). She championed them over radio stations, televisions and other platforms.

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“We are in the lockdown because of Dr. Aceng’s recommendations but if Uganda government’s most impressive, professional and disciplined minister is seen degrading her own guidelines, how then can she expect the rest of us to abide?” Tumukunde said

Gen Tumukunde said in other parts of the world, ministers have resigned after making such blunders. New Zealand’s minister who resigned after bleaching their lockdown rules and the UK junior minister for Scotland in the British parliament stepped down after taking a trip during quarantine slapped on the entire country.

“This is what responsible and accountable leaders look like and how citizen trust is gained when leaders practice what they preach. This is what Ugandans should start demanding,”

“I want to speak to millions of Ugandans who have been good, disciplined and maintained SOPs but have over the time gotten disappointed by their political leaders. As leaders we cannot preach social distancing, wearing masks, only to be let down by those preaching it.”

The called for resignation so that a country can have reputable leaders or people should now say open campaigns are possible since minister of health held a rally with total disregard of the SOPs

“It is possible that what we saw is what NRM is planning to do during the coming elections. Setting restrictions on citizens and political players in the name of #Covid-19 and yet freely flaunting every guideline under which they have put-up.” He said.

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