The world of sport has been an interesting one of the last few years with several changes taking place across the board. One of the biggest changes, however, is that of boxing in South Africa. With the recent signing of a deal between the UBF and Buganda Kingdom, the future of the sport is looking bright. But how much will this actually change? In this article, we will be looking into these changes and discussing what it could mean for the future of the sport.

Sports In South Africa

Sports in South Africa has had a huge influence over the years with several sports such as rugby and cricket proving highly popular as a result. However, one of the up and coming sports that many are excited about is that of boxing. With plenty of up and coming stars making their way in the sport at this time, more is being done to bring the excitement of South African boxing not only to the masses in South Africa but across the world.

The History Of Boxing In South Africa

Boxing as a whole has been a popular sport in South Africa since the late 1800’s out on the gold and diamond fields, however, it wasn’t until 1950 that South Africa begin to prove themselves to be championship material when it came to the sport. With a number of champions in their roster from here on out, they continued to prove that they were some of the best when it came to international boxing competitions. With the history of boxing in the country phasing in and out of existence over the year with dry spells in terms of championship titles it is boxing in South Africa in the 21st Century that is proving to be one of the most exciting periods.

With a number of up and coming boxers allowing for sportsbooks operating in Uganda to begin to make each match up more interesting, the world of boxing has become of major excitement for not only promoters and bookmakers but also the fans looking to place the winning bet on their favourite fighter. With favourites such as Hekkie Budler proving that they are fighters that can go the distance in the ring regardless of the opponent, the future of the sport in the country is looking very bright.

The Partnership Between The UBF And Buganda Kingdom

Along with this newfound talent comes a promising partnership between the Ugandan Boxing Federation and the Buganda Kingdom. As the buzz around the sport and the most recent wave of champions continues to expand, it is promising times for the sport with the signing of this partnership.


As part of this new deal, it is outlined that boxing would now be a part of the Kingdom calendar moving forward. This is huge for the future of the sport as it brings the sport back to not only the Buganda Kingdom but to South Africa as a whole. It is this deal and upcoming matches that are set to make a significant impact on the sport in the country seeing it become one of the most popular sports in the country.

When asked about what this could mean for the Buganda Kingdom, Muhangi the UBF presented stated that the kingdom has some of the best talents in the sport and has just been in desperate need of funding to uplift the sport. This is likely to be a hugely promising partnership between the two parties that will see the progression of the sport.

With this being said, the future of the sport in South Africa is looking promising as the funding is likely to present another set of amazing world champions in the not too distant future and we could not be any more excited.