Team Leader explains Operation of Fire Sprinkler System at The LPG Bulk Tank

Police have commended Coca-Cola (Century Bottling Company) for prioritizing the safety of its employees and investing in safety systems for emergencies.

Police officers led by AIP Apollo Okolong, Officer-in-Charge of Fire and Rescue Services at the Kampala Industrial Business Park had gone on a benchmarking visit for the security and safety teams to pick learnings from for use nationwide.

“We thank the management for allowing us to learn, benchmark and familiarize ourselves with fire preparedness and response actions. We have also seen the best COVID-19 and Occupational Safety and Health practices some of which were not familiar to us. We have learnt a lot and we are grateful. As the Uganda Police we say “Asante sana!” he said.

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They appreciated company’s well-established systems and procedures for safety at the workplace even before the onset of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic

Paineto Olweny, Team Leader in charge of Facilities, stressed the importance of emergency preparedness as a key component of employee safety.

“Our fire preparedness and response measures are based on the risks associated within our operation. We have ensured adequate fire detection and suppression systems. For instance, we keep flammable liquids or chemicals in minimum quantities at working environments but use bulk storage away from buildings and people. We maintain adequate storage of water in reservoirs so that if regular supply by National Water is off, our employees are still comfortable,” he said.

“Our business prioritizes the safety and health of the employees, contractors and visitors. That is why we have implemented robust COVID-19 protocols to keep everyone safe every day. With the additional support of the Uganda Police Fire and Rescue Services, now that you have seen all this, we shall continue to keep our workplaces and communities safe and free from fire-associated risks,” said Joseph Onyango, Environment Occupational Safety and Health Coordinator.

Emergency preparedness is very critical in the workplace today; from developing crisis plans and training employees whether it’s a manmade disaster such as fire, emergencies cannot be predetermined.

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