City-Oilers-Josh-Johnson basketball

Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA) has announced that it has canceled all the local basketball activities for this year due to the Covid19 pandemic.

The decision to cancel local activities was made during a FUBA Executive Meeting held on Thursday, July 23.

The 2020 basketball season was scheduled to start in April only for the Coronavirus pandemic to breakout in the country.

Uganda will only take part in the 2021 Afrobasket Qualifiers scheduled for November 27-29 in Alexandria, Egypt.

Uganda is in Group E of the qualifiers with Egypt, Morocco and the zone 3 winner.

The resolutions passed at the meeting by the FUBA Executive Committee;

  1. That all 2020 basketball competitions as per the FUBA calendar with the exception of the Afrobasket qualifiers, are hereby cancelled.
  2. That all contractual issues between players and their clubs will be handled in accordance with the contract laws of the country.
  3. That players that had registered with their clubs for the 2020 basketball season, without formal contracts will be handled as per the FUBA rules and regulations of 2020 which provide for a default contract of two years. The two years will, therefore, start from 2021 onwards.
  4. That the executive committee shall use this time to come up with a clear road map and plan for the 2021 basketball season which shall be communicated to all members not later than 31st of August 2020.