Garbage floating in strench in Kamwokya Kisenyi 1 zone.

Garbage has piled up in various parts of the water channels in Kamwokya. The garbage is littered everywhere especially in the main trench that runs from Kisenyi 1 and continues to Kalerwe side.

The garbage has caused a heavy stench in the area which is worrying residents in fear of a cholera outbreak. Both residents and the community leaders have complained about the irregular collection and disposal of garbage.

Residents and leaders in the area say that they have taken a long time without seeing KCCA collecting the garbage from that place, adding that the city authorities have not collected garbage from this area which makes residents end up throwing it in the trench.

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Rehema Nakintu a resident in the area says ever since the lockdown started, the garbage started piling everywhere.

She wonders why the authorities have failed to clear the garbage and clean water trench where residents dump garbage yet they are paid for that.

According to other residents that this reporter interacted with, there was a garbage collection company called Nabugabo that used to pick the garbage from their area and it used to charge them shillings 3000 monthly.

However, the Nabugabo trucks have taken long without appearing, which makes residents dump garbage in the trench.

Ismail Ngobi notes that at his place, he has tried to make sure that he gathers all the garbage to make the place safe for his children who are ever playing around. Adding that, however, other residents keep on using the trench as a dumping site for garbage.

He appeals to the Kampala capital city authority officials to come to their rescue because they might end up suffering from cholera.

Sebata Kabuye the LC1 chairperson Kisenyi 1 Kamwokya says residents have failed to manage their hygiene because the hygiene starts with them before KCCA comes in to help them. He however notes that KCCA has not done its part fully because they no longer clean the trench which they used to.

He urges residents to each of them take responsibility and stop dumping garbage in trenches which might end up costing the entire community.

Juma Kikomeko Kampala city council (KCCA) supervisor in charge of sanitation and hygiene in Kamwokya told Eagle online that he always moves around and does sensitization to the community residents but people are adamant.

Kikomeko appeals to the residents of Kamwokya and surrounding slum areas to be careful. He says that they had relaxed due to the pandemic but as the authority, they are going to make sure that they do everything it takes to prevent people dumping garbage in the trench.

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