Justice Wilson Kwesiga

The Criminal Division has kicked off the second phase of a month-long juvenile session at Naguru Remand Home. The session was opened by the Head of Division, Justice Wilson Kwesiga.

Justice Kwesiga applauded his team for the great work done during the previous session where 20 cases were successfully handled and called for the same commitment in the new session.

He clarified that these sessions are not only taken to remand homes to avoid the threat of COVID 19 on children but because the law grants children in conflict with the law the right to be heard and tried from anywhere.

He emphasised that the main intention of these sessions is not to sentence the children but make them better human beings.

“In case a child is found guilty, we advise accordingly, engage them, and caution them not to repeat the same. We reconcile the parents too. For example, if a child defiles a child of a neighbor, you must create harmony between them for proper naturing. We don’t need to sentence them to prison,” he said.

The Judge added that the Court considers prevailing circumstances at the time of the commission of the offence.

“Some of these children are orphans, while others are exposed to the infiltrated society. Therefore we make sure that we counsel them and integrate them back to their homes for proper upbringing.”

The Criminal Division Deputy Registrar, Keitesi Mary Kisakye, said all the 34 cause-listed matters are ready for hearing.