President Museveni

A top Criminal and Investigations Directorate officer is under probe by a combined team of investigators from Special Forces Command and Military Intelligence under the directive of President Museveni.

The detective who has been at the helm of some of the country’s investigations is reported to have ordered for imprisonment of colleagues the said officer didn’t agree with in the case involving city businessman Abid Alam.

According to sources, the said detectives were reportedly falsely accused some crimes and before they knew, they were sent to Kitalya prison together with Abid Alam.

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However, through his vast intelligence reports, the matter was brought to the attention of the president who doubles as the commander in chief of armed forces who in turn initiated secret investigations that revealed that indeed innocent police officers had been in prison without going through legal process.

“It is true some officers had been sent Kitalya but with the intervene of H.E, they were released but i don’t have details on what crime they committed or how they ended up in Kitalya.

Accordly, this detective is reportedly under monitoring as anytime soon, they could be dropped and arrested soon.