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Kyambogo asks for more funds to boast research

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A section of staff of Kyambogo University have expressed the desire to have the research more funded by the government to stimulate research in the University. They are saying, the funds are inadequate.

Kyambogo University council approved a budget of shillings 3 billion for the academic year 2019/2020 to promote research, innovation and knowledge generation research. However, some staff say that this money is little compared to the demand of research by the university.

Without mentioning the specific areas, the staffs say that the research is in the fields of technology, education, sciences (including chemistry, mathematics, statistics, nature, and environment, physical, biological), Arts and Humanities (Including sexual Violence), Agriculture and other vocational fields.

Adding that, with the shillings three billion (3b), the above fields have not been researched on and therefore, there is a demand for more funding for up to at least shillings ten billion(10b).

According to staff members this reporter interviewed, they often have overwhelming research proposals which prompts the vetting committee to set tough selection criteria to have few qualified proposals due to inadequate funds budgeted.

The research grant is a one-time award, with financial support of up to shillings forty million (40m) for Science based proposals and up to shillings twenty-five million (25m) for arts and Humanities.

Dr. Robert Ojambo, a senior lecturer at Kyambogo university’s department of history and political science notes that the council has been improving on the research funds every year, however, it is still lacking. He says, teaching is good but only when it is supported by empirical research.

Dr. Ojambo who is also however adds that even the little money that is available for research has not been handled very well by the management.

According to Alexander Paul Isiko, the outgoing academic staff representative to the council argues that research has been less funded and this is affecting research in the university.

He adds that they have been using the little money that has been put in place, to build the internal capacity.

Kyambogo University vice-chancellor Prof. Eli Katunguka during the 16th graduation ceremony requested the government to consider funding the university in research fields citing challenges of inadequate funds to execute research projects.

Dr. Grace Lubaale, a senior lecturer and the academic staff representative to the council notes that it will be his major focus in the next university council to lobby for more research funds.

Lubaale indicates that a lot needs to be done but his major focus will be on research.

The National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has always called on universities to prioritize research and practical learning other than theories, asking the government to extend a helping hand to fund universities.

In 2020 top universities ranking in Uganda, indicates that Kyambogo university dropped to a fourth position in ranking, following Kampala international university and number 4086 worldwide.

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