Hon Thomas Tayebwa

A video that has circulated on social media, depicting a one Bukenya Bonny being mercilessly flogged by an unidentified personal claimed to be a driver to Honourable Thomas Tayebwa has triggered a number of citizens who felt this was a show of cowardice and abuse of power.

The incident took place in Busabala, where Bukenya-an employee of Umeme had gone about his duties. Unfortunately for the employee, he happened to work on an electrical line that day that is believed to have been illegally connected to the Member of Parlierment’s premises. After rectifying the error, Bukenya was met with unhappy Tayebwa and his team who then subjected him to public humiliation and unwarranted assault in the form of flogging.

However this was not the end of it, on the 28th Auguest 2020 the shamed Bukenya sought justice at the Katwe Police station where he filed a case of assaut under the Ref: SD/87/26/08/2020. UMEME Limited also vouched to support their employee and the proper authorities until he found justice; ‘Umeme strongly condemns any acts of human rights violation. The incident is being investigated and Umeme will provide the necessary support to the authorities in this matter.’

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Sources close the minister have gone ahead to describe him as a rather arrogant individual, whose pomp skyrocketed through the roof after having met wih the First lady, Janet Kataaha Museveni. The former FDC party member who stood for Western youth parliament and lost, only to  switch sides to the ruling party of NRM in 2016 where he became the MP of Ruhinda-North.


This is not the first time a leader has been called out for human rights violation or abuse of power as many Ugandans across the nation continue to cry out against such acts. From ignoring traffic rules to land grabbing and bribery, the list is endless when it comes to the lengths Ugandan leaders will go to in order to exploit their subjects and abuse their power.