President Yoweri Museveni
EC Village Verification

President Yoweri Museveni has said that the jailed labour Minister Mwesigwa Rukutana will be prosecuted and face assault, attempted murder, murder charges in courts of law.

Museveni said while commenting on the just concluded National Resistance Movement (NRM) primaries. According to results declared by various NRM district returning officers, many of the ministers who include; Evelyn Anite, Ephraim Kamuntu among others were defeated.

Rukutana reportedly shot at his rivals in the just concluded party primaries where he lost to Naomi Kabasharira.

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According to a video recorded by the victims and polling agents of Naomi Kabasharira, the Minister shot at car Toyota Rav4 registration number UAQ 840X and smashed its windscreens as they sped off for fear of their lives.

And yesterday, the head of Criminal Investigations Director (CID) Grace Akullo took  over the investigation’s role in the matter against Rukutana and visited the scene where the fracas occurred.

Speaking about the concluded party primaries, Museveni who double as the chairperson of NRM said whoever altered results will go to jail on forgery, fraud, subversion and their forgeries will not stand.

“We do not even have to repeat the elections, except where they were not held. We simply need to audit what happened in each village.” He said

“The NRM elections are village-based. They should begin in the village and end in the village. Once the counting is done in the village, the elections are over.”

He said any other shallow schemes like moving voters on Lorries from village to village are easy to unearth. “Those are all crimes for which the perpetrators will be answerable criminally.”

He said the NRM will end rigging in Uganda by the digitalized biometric voter registration and by transparency through lining behind candidates or their photographs within the NRM.