A sculpture of crested cranes erected at Kira Road between Uganda Museum and Mulago stage(Photo by Ronard Shabomwe)

The sculptures of different world life animals have brought beauty on some roads in the city especially Kira road.

Over ten of them were erected along the Kira Road stretch from Mulago, through Kamwokya to the traffic lights in Bukoto, bringing to the street’s images of the crested crane, Giraffes, Chimpanzees, Lions and Zebra’s, all of which tell the lushness of Uganda’s tourism. Others that have been set up are the Elephants, Monkeys, Leopards and the Cheetah’s.

The art work has been put in place by Uganda Wildlife Authority-UWA, Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA, and part of the 800 million Shillings projects to beautify and promote tourism in Kampala. It started with the erection of the Impala monument at Jubilee Park and the Mountain Gorilla at Speke Road. The Impala forms part of Uganda’s heritage as the source of the name Kampala.

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According to Uganda Wildlife Authority, the sculptures are designed to bring the images of what Uganda’s National Parks have to offer close to the people, and interest the public to visit the beauty in the parks, while those who cannot visit can also get a feel of the wildlife from within the capital, Kampala.

Each sculpture is designed with information about a specific National Park where it can be found. For instance, the Lion will have inscriptions about Queen Elizabeth National Park, where it is a signature animal and the Giraffes will tell the story of Murchison Falls National Park, among others.

The Buganda Kingdom previously erected sculptures of Buganda’s Totems along the Kabaka Anjagala Road also known as the Royal Mile that stretches from Masengere to the Palace.