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Nakivubo Stadium: Did businessman Ham promise air?

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Over the past decade, Nakivubo war memorial stadium land has been steadily been encroached upon with the second biggest stadium in the country, almost left with the playing tuff.

Late last year, two concerned football lovers, dragged businessman Hamis Kiggundu, the proprietor of Ham Enterprises (U) Ltd to court for allegedly acquiring a lease on part of Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium land illegally.
The two petitioners contended in their court documents that despite the Trustees of Nakivubo being prohibited from leasing or creating a mortgage, they have since leased part of the stadium land to the businessman to erect a shopping mall.

The businessman started the redevelopment of parts of the stadium in 2017, after he secured a lease.

He has to that effect, surrounded the sports facility with giant shopping structures contrary to the rules by world soccer governing body FIFA.

FIFA regulations stipulate that stadiums should have ample parking and evacuation space in case of any attack.

But despite the businessman pledging to put up a modern sports facility that should have been complete by the end of this year, the small piece of land left for the stadium, remains undeveloped.

Earlier in 2009, a big junk of the same Nakivubo stadium land was turned into a bus terminal after it was rented out to Allied Owners Bus Association.
Another portion was rented out to market vendors.
When tasked about the encroachment of the stadium land, then junior Education and Sports minister, Charles Bakkabulindi, conceded to the encroachment of one of the oldest stadia.

However, he explained that the structures that has been erected around the stadium were temporary and that a white paper was then before Parliament that if implemented, would allow new developments that would include facilities for more sports like swimming.

The country’s second largest football pitch after Mandela national stadium, has a sitting capacity of 18,000 football fans.
It was constructed by the colonialists in 1921 as a native recreation ground.

In February this year, the current junior Education and Sports Minister Hamson Obua, visited the redevelopment at Nakivubo stadium to assess the situation.

Mr Kiggundu who entered into public private partnership with with government and invested $49 million about Shs178 billion said he has met with resistance or negative perception from the public about the redevelopment of the stadium.

“There has been a lot of negative talk about my capability. I urge Ugandans to desist from rumor-mongering and pay Nakivubo a visit. No one will stop them as this is a national project.” The businessman said.
The remaining stadium space is 110* 85 meters. Whereas Ham used Nakivubo Stadium land titles to get the said loan, work on the stadium has stalled with no progress on the stadia while shopping arcades are thriving.

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