The newly inaugurated advocates of the judiciary.

The Chief Registrar of Court, Sarah Langa Siu has presided over the ceremony where 133 lawyers were enrolled as advocates at the Judiciary Headquarters in Kampala.

The enrolment process, which was split into two shifts so as to observe the #Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures, entailed registering their names in a book of advocates and issuing practicing certificates.

To the new advocates, HW Langa urged them to observe ethical conduct that befits their calling as advocates. “The need for lawyers with integrity cannot be over emphasized,” HW Langa said.

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Adding, “Never forget your duty to court, your client, and to the community. Be relevant to your community.”

The CR called for due diligence and preparation during their legal practice.

In regards to the public’s poor perceptions towards the legal profession, the CR advised the advocates to observe principles of patience and self-respect. These principles, according to her, help mitigate irrational desires for quick accumulation of wealth and enable them to observe decorum while in and out of court.

Pheona Nabasa Wall, the new Uganda Law Society president hailed the judiciary for its efforts towards clearing the backlog and asked the advocates to uphold the cause of justice for the indigent.

“Speak up for those without voice, stand up for those that are looking for justice,” Ms Wall said adding that young lawyers ought to join the ULS Legal Aid Clinic, not only to provide probono services to the 80 per cent citizens of Uganda that cannot afford legal services, but also for exposure and experience.

She also advised the new advocates to embrace the career opportunities in the upcountry regions, citing that border districts, mineral discoveries (like oil) and newly created cities present new jobs for lawyers in such areas.

Mr. Aaron Motoka, a representative of the Law Council, briefed them about the code of conduct that they are bound to as Advocates of the High Court.

Among the newly enrolled advocates was Theodore Sekikubo, the Member of Parliament of Lwemiyaga County who offered a vote of thanks to the CR and pledged on behalf of his colleagues to strive to uphold the dignity of the legal profession and the rule of law in Uganda.

After the bar course at the Law Development Centre, law students enrol as advocates in order to address court on behalf of their clients. However, they can only appear in the Chief Magistrates Court for the time being because the law requires them to appear before the High Court nine months after enrolment.