moroto inmates

The Commissioner General of Prisons, Dr. Johnson Byabasaijja has put a bounty of Shs 1.5 million for every gun recovered from the Moroto jail break. The Dr. Byabasaijja said earlier today when he paid a visit to the broken prison.

Last week, over 219 inmates escaped from the prison after they overpowered prison staff, accessed the armory and took off with AK47 15 rifle guns.

“I have put Shs 1.5 million for every gun recovered and Shs 500, 000 for successful leads to any escapee,” he said.

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Upon escaping, bullets rocked Moroto town for over 30 minutes as a combined force of the army, police and prisons engaged the armed inmates. Thereafter two fighter helicopters joined the search over Mount Moroto where the inmates are believed to have been hiding.

The Ugandan borders to Kenya have since been closed to intensify the search for escapees.

Last week, the spokesperson of Uganda Peoples Defence Forces’ (UPDF) Third Division, Maj. Peter Mugisa, three inmates and one of their officers were killed when joint forces that included the police, prison wardens and the UPDF followed the inmates on the steps of Mount Moroto.

He said at least seven inmates have been recaptured and most of the escapees are hard core criminals and cattle rustlers who were nabbed last month. They are currently searching for over 200 inmates.