Agnes Namaganda who is aspiring for the Kampala Woman Member of Parliament  seat on the National Unity Platform (NUP) party ticket has emphatically appealed to voters to send her to Parliament because she understands the unique needs of this constituency that are different from those of those from other districts.

She explained that the high cost of living in Kampala juxtaposed against the desire to live a financially comfortable life is a troubling reality for most residents. Kampala constituents are so hardworking the reason many of them sleep outside Kampala yet they spend all their waking hours in the city eking out a living.

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“These people work a lot to support extended families. They pay heavy dues in rent and taxes yet they soldier on courageously hoping for a better tomorrow. So when a Kampala voter is choosing a leader, they are not doing so haphazardly. They are hoping for excellent representation so their plight can be noticed and addressed. Voters in Kampala get really hurt when they get a raw deal from the leaders who should be fighting for them. That’s what I have come to address. I want voters to feel that they can connect with me as we exchange ideas on how best we can address the unique challenges they face. The Kampala voter needs to know that I am the kind that will move heaven and hell to make sure they needs are given due attention,” Namaganda vowed.

Namaganda says she’s confident she’ll be considered for the NUP ticket after she picked and returned her Expression of Interest forms from NUP offices about three weeks ago.

“I am only waiting for the Electoral Commission at NUP to announce me as flag bearer because I have strong presence, a key criterion in determining the flag bearer,” she said.

About choosing to represent Kampala in particular, she explains that this district is a unique constituency. “Kampala is the think-tank of the nation and the Kampala Woman MP should accurately reflect this attribute. However, Kampala’s voters have not been receiving the excellent representation they deserve because of the quality of legislators they send to Parliament. We usually choose leaders that seek to ride on the wave of the moment to draw sympathy but we need to examine their ability to engage different opinions while carefully projecting and resonating with the feelings of the majority.

“Kampala deserves the best because we offer the best in terms of revenue and ideas to the nation. We need entirely pothole-free roads, excellent services and visible consideration of their ideas and suggestions in the face of challenges. Kampala people are hard workers so they want ideas on how they can earn more and make their lives better financially. This is exactly what I will be offering Kampala, she finishes off.

Namaganda says she left her job at Makerere University School of Public Health where she’s been heading the Communications and PR docket, to join politics.

She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Education majoring in Physics and Mathematics. Right out of university, she taught at Makerere High School-Migadde, Kololo High School, and Cornerstone Leadership Academy in Matugga. She then left the teaching profession and joined the Daily Monitor as a Features’ Writer for five years. Thereafter, she worked briefly with Communication for Development Foundation Uganda (CDFU) before she joined Buganda Land Board where she rose through the ranks to become the Team Leader of Communications and Public Relations. It was from here that she joined Makerere University. At the moment, Namaganda is pursuing a Master in Public Health at Makerere University.