Trevor Baleke (with money) as he campaigned for party youth flag bearers in Kamuli Municipality.



The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) Administrative Secretary for Kamuli District, Trevor Baleke, has warned the party members in the district against internal fights if the party is to continue being strong in Kamuli.

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Baleke admitted that it was true NRM was choking on infighting and rumour mongering a thing he warned would reduce the strength of party with time if not worked on on time.

He was addressing reporters who found him at Kamuli Municipal Council grounds delivering logistical support and campaigning for the party flag bearers for Municipality Special Interest Groups Council elections minutes to polls.

Baleke who is also the NRM sub-county chairman of Wankole said during a period like now when the party is being challenged by the opposition, it is unnecessary for its own members to again engage in bickering and infighting.

He was responding to concern raised by one of the reporters who said the party support in the district was split because of its leaders.

The reporter was referring to political fighting between the district NRM chairperson Samuel Bamwole and the Admin.

“There is no fighting between me and my chairman. If there is any war then, I am not aware. What I only think is that we should not accept to mix personal misunderstandings with party business. A chairman is elected while an Admin is appointed by the Secretariat to do administrative work which is complementary to the political duties of the chairman and his executive. Why then should we fight when we are scoring in the same goal?

If there is anyone fighting me as I hear, then such persons should change. They should know we are here for the same purpose – ensuring that we as a party remain on the top,” said Baleke.

During the recently concluded party primaries, Baleke was out of office following an incident in which he was removed from office by some members of the district executive of NRM led by Bamwole on the eve of parliamentary primaries.