Mr Emmy Mbareebaki has announced that he will run for Mbarara City South parliamentary seat on Independent ticket.

Mr Mbareebaki, who participated in the NRM primaries and lost, accused one of the participants and current Western region Youth MP Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama of orchestrating several irregularities.“We held our internal NRM party primaries and I want to thank you all who turned out and exercised your right to vote and more so those who voted for me.  However, one of the candidates Mr. Mwine Mpaka Rwamirama having orchestrated several irregularities, including intimidation of my polling agents and voters, massive systematic vote rigging, broad day voter bribery, utter disregard of NRM polling guidelines and the laws of Uganda with impunity decided to declare himself a winner,” he said in a statement issued on Thursday, 01 October 2020.

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“Due to the above issues and the progress we have made amidst the challenging circumstances, we shall be continuing in the race and I am humbled to offer myself as an Independent candidate for Mbarara City South MP 2021 – 2026. This decision has been taken following a deep internal analysis of the situation and a reflection on calls of the people of Mbarara City South that we continue with our struggle for the betterment of our City,” he added.

Mr Mbareebaki said “the people of Mbarara City South have assured me of their full support and problems in my party NRM notwithstanding, I can’t abandon them at the last hour.”
“Our supporters are steadfast and are now more energized to finish what we started. Join me to fight for our motherland and chase away ‘ejogo’ – because we know the power belongs to us, we the people of Mbarara City South and we believe that the challenges we face will be solved by us, not outsiders. That Nakivale refugees will decide our next leader is an indication of this “kajo-go,” he said.

The contestants for Mbarara City South MP seat on the NRM ticket included Mwine Mpaka, Tumusiime, Kagiko  Imam  and Seth Muyambi