Bebe Cool and President Museveni at a past event.

Local artist Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has released a new political song urging Ugandans to vote President Yoweri Museveni in the forthcoming election due in February 2021.

Titled Museveni Tumwongele Akalulu, Bebe urges those that seek continuity of ‘peace’ in the country not to refocus on any other candidate in the race but continue sporting Museveni.

In the video, he features the Kabaka of Buganda (king), the new Nile bridge, Entebbe Express Highway, Isimba dam,new Mulago Women Hospital and new planes acquired by Uganda Airs as some of the achievement of Mr Museveni.

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Bebe Cool further calls on those opposed to Museveni’s continued rule especially the youth  to reconsider and elect him this time because he is unstoppable.