Prof Eli Katunguka, the vice chancelor Kyambogo University.(Photo by Ronard Shabomwe)

Professor Elli Katunguka the Vice Chancellor Kyambogo University has advised staff of Kyambogo University to go for further studies in order to meet the requirements of standing a chance to serve in administration positions.

Professor Katunguka’s comments come at a time when a section of academic staff are bickering over continued importation of university managers. The staff urges that nearly 90% of the university’s top senior managerial positions are occupied by people who come from outside the university like Makerere, University Christian University, Makerere business school etc.

They say that has its shortcomings as they lack a grasp of the university philosophical background. They further contend that this has caused challenges like poor relationships between administrators and the staff.

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But Katunguka refutes these claims saying that Kyambogo University is a national and public Institution and anybody who meets the qualifications, takes the position.  He adds that staff, instead of bickering, they should work hard and look for the requirements needed to serve in these top managerial positions.

According to Rev. Dr. Grace Lubaale, the Kyambogo University Academic Staff representative to the council, this creates disharmony and affects the confidence of staff that started their professional careers at the University.

Professor Katunguka says that if they want to be part of the top managers of the university, they should work hard and further their studies because they will not be given these positions if they cannot meet the requirements needed for such positions.

Kyambogo University top managers like Vice Chancellor Professor Eli Katunguka Rwakishaya was head-hunted from Makerere University, Professor Maria Musoke, the Kyambogo Deputy VC in charge of Academic affairs is also from Makerere University while Fabian Nabugomu, the Deputy VC for Finance and Administration is from UCU.

Charles Okello the Kyambogo university secretary emphasizes that this is a public university and if there is any position, they are advertised externally to attract whoever meets the requirements.

Okello further says that staff should appreciate what they have achieved because there are staff members who have been through various positions and promotions because of their performance and acquiring academic achievements.

Professor Elli Katunguka has been Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor since February 2014. His term of office is expected to come to a close next year.

He replaced Prof. John Opuda-Asibo who served in acting capacity following when the contract of Prof Isaiah Omolo Ndiege expired on January 12, 2014.

Ndiege spent almost half of his term out of office due to administrative conflicts that led to several strikes at Kyambogo University.

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