Members of the 5th Kyambogo University Council (Photo by Ronard Shabomwe)

The Kyambogo University council started its operations with only 18 members of the council. The other six positions still lack representation.

The vacant positions are two positions to be filled by the guild president and his/her vice representing students, convocation and three positions from public to be filled by council.

According to Elli Katunguka Rwakishaya the Vice Chancellor of the university, the current student leaders are not allowed to represent students on council because their term elapsed and the guild elections still on suspension due to the closure of the campus until all the students are back at university that is when the voting shall take place.

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The convocation elections have not yet happened due to the disruption of COVID-19 and the rest three positions of public will be filled when the university council is fully constituted.

According to Charles Okello the University secretary, the university council is constituted of 24 members. These are the representatives from the respective organs to form the Kyambogo council in accordance with section 38 (1) of the universities and other tertiary institutions Act, 2001 as amended.

The 18 members on the council are, vice chancellor, deputy vice chancellor academics, deputy vice chancellor finance and administration, a representative from Uganda institute of professional engineers, three representatives of government.

Others are, one representative from ministry of education and sports, one from KCCA, two from academic staffs, one from Senior Administrative staff, one staff with disability, one from national union of education institutions of Kyambogo university staff (NUEI), one from National Union of disabled persons of Uganda (NUDIPU), one from ministry of finance, planning and economic development, and two from Senate.

The University Council is the supreme organ of the University and is responsible for overall administration, policy development and implementation.

The fifth Kyambogo University council will be operating under the leadership of an interim Chairperson Dr Mary Gorretti Nakabugo who was the vice chairperson of the fourth council. This is because the university council chairperson is elected among the council members when the council is fully constituted with 24 members.

The fifth Kyambogo University council is taking over from the fourth council that has been in operation from September 2016 to September 2020.

According to section 38 (3) and (4) of the Act stipulates the term of tenure for Council membership as four years for both elected and appointed members except for students’ representatives which is one year subject to re-election.