nup offices in jinja raided
EC Village Verification

Today morning, the offices of National Unity Platform (NUP) were raided by armed police men in Jinja district. The raid that took place in the early hours of Thursday is said to have been an operation launched to recover a number of clothing attires that were gazetted for only official army use.

The particular clothing under contestation involves: the infamous red berets, red t-shirts, overalls and any other piece of clothing that might have any resemble to the official army and police uniforms. This is not the first time police has raided NUP offices under such claims although the party claim that it is a ploy to deter their aspirations for the presidential seat.

A number of individuals have found themselves spending the night in a cold cellar for even donning any type of red clothing let alone a beret. This has sparked a number of reactions from the community who feel that the police plays a partisan role in elections.

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“But honestly speaking if these guys are confiscating even red T-shirts they are worse than Obote. How can you do such a stupid thing in the 21st Century? I am not a NUP supporter but I will start wearing red from today, this is not only illegal but immoral, wicked as well,” said a one Maato Robertson.

Although the Police force maintains that its non-partisan, a number of NRM supporters continue to walk free and un-checked despite donning military fatigue and bypassing various electoral guidelines and sops such as mass mobilization.

However all hope has not been lost as NUP finally won its case against a one Moses Kibalama who had dragged the party court, claiming it had been illegally taken over by the President, Robert kyagulyani and his comrades without his consent.