Tents being set up at Kyambogo University south end sports ground. (photo by Ronard Shabomwe)

Police have tightened security in and around Kyambogo university as nominations of Presidential Candidates are getting closer.

The nominations for presidential candidates will take place on November 2nd and 3rd at Kyambogo University south end sports ground.

Ahead of nominations, the security has been beefed up especially areas which are close to the nomination center.

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At the south end sports ground where preparations are ongoing, police officers chase whoever tries to pass by the place with an intention of looking at what is taking place.

There are over 30 police officers who keep on rotating and patrolling the premises and they are working in shifts. Every after a few hours, they are changed; this website learns that new and fresh officers are sent to relieve those that have been on duty.

Our reporter tried to access the premises and upon approaching the sports ground, officers ordered him to go where they were to explain his intentions. When they realized that he had captured some photos, they forced him to delete and leave.

One of the officers informed him that journalists are not expected to come before the day of nominations. We  also observed that there are other security officers in casual attires who were coming in to see what was being done, as security officers could salute them.

One Police officer told this reporter that, “You see you have already brought us problems. This is a special force officer (SFC) who is here to see what is taking place. Now what report do you think he will take?” he asked.

There are other developments that are being put in place due to the nominations. The road which runs from Kyambogo south end Main gate through special needs faculty and gets out at national council for higher education (NCHE), is being worked on.

This website observed that a new entrance which will be used by the presidential candidates has been opened and tarmacked. It is along Kyambogo-face technology road. This is because the Kyambogo main gate is under construction and closed. Therefore, a new entrance will be the only entrance to the nomination center.

Kyambogo University has also banned all the activities in the university which are not lectures. Lectures will only be allowed in lecture rooms.

The academic registrar Kyambogo University Anne Begumisa communicated to the Kyambogo community in a letter dated 23 October that due to the National presidential nominations scheduled on 2 and 3, the security sub-Committee of 2021 national presidential nominations dictate that no activity takes place at the university other than within lectures.

Second extraordinary general assembly of Kyambogo university convocation that was scheduled to take place on 31 October has been postponed to take place on 7th November 2020.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was the first aspirant to be cleared by the commission and only awaits nomination on 2 November.

Of the 22 candidates that have so far submitted signatures, six are sponsored by political parties, and they include NRM, FDC, ANT, NUP, the Ecological Party of Uganda (EPU) and Revolutionary People’s Party (RPP). Eighteen of the candidates are Independents.