Kyambogo university students discussing in a group without observing social distancing and no masks. (photo by Ronard Shabomwe)
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Students in some Universities who reported a few weeks back to complete their studies have relaxed in observing the Standard Operating Procedures.

In the first week of reopening, many universities put in place SOPs to be followed by the students and students adhered to them. However, students have gone back to normal life as if Covid-19 has ceased to exist.

This Website has learnt that in some universities, students are no longer bothering about SOPs that were put in place.

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At Makerere, Kyambogo and MUBs universities, students were found in discussion groups in big numbers of above 10 students and without observing social distancing neither wearing masks.

At Makerere university senate building where many people (students, visitors and staff have to line up for registration before accessing the building. There is a hand washing facility but it is not compulsory for everyone to wash hands.

We observed that washing hands and sanitizing is for whoever wants. At registration point, there is one pen which is being used by whoever is registering which puts people at risk of contracting Covid-19.

The person in charge of registration and measuring temperatures who preferred anonymity spoke to us and said that he finds hard time to make sure that people wash hands/sanitize. He notes that it is as if there is no more COVID-19 in Uganda.

David Ouma a student of Makerere University says that adhering to COVID-19 SOPs has drastically reduced. He says that even in class, few students have their masks on.

Davis Alimpa, another finalist at MUBs says that it is not students alone. He contends that even lecturers and visitors are no longer minding to adhere to SOPs.

At Kampala international university, the emphasis is more put on washing hands/sanitizing, other SOPs like social distancing, and wearing masks remain a dream.

Janet Biira, a student guild speaker at KIU says that students were more serious in the first week; however, they have relaxed a lot.

Kellen Muguleni a finalist of Kyambogo university says, this is due to the stress and a lot of work that students have to do. Citing an example of students failing to wash hands due to the rushing to attend lectures.

The same behavior of relaxing has been observed in other education institutions like YMCA, Nakawa Vocational Institute, and MTAC.