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Monday, September 25, 2023
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Police crackdown on looters, vandals

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On Wednesday the Police arrested National Unity Platform leader Robert Kyagulanyi in Luuka District on claims that the flag bearer had broken a number of Covid-19 directives given by the Electoral Commission. This however would lead to a number of city wide protests as many supporters broke out in riots that clashed with various Police and Security personnel.

The chaos that ensued that day left several individuals injured, properties vandalized and a number of innocent lives lost despite the quick response from both the police and military.

Videos and posts that surfaced online depicted carnage and chaos while some errant youths used the mayhem as a cover to go about looting and vandalizing several businesses and victims as well as attacking policemen during the fracas.

The security minister Gen. Elly Tumwine today given a briefing in which he warned the people of Uganda against engaging in such acts or risk being arrested and treated like a criminal.

“If you come as a criminal, we shall handle you like a criminal, let no one mislead you into such a situation,” the minister also further echoed the President’s sentiments when he consoled Ugandans and asked that no one be intimidated by the recent antics of people power supporters.

The riots that were also sparked and fueled largely by unequal treatment of aspirants and tribal conflict left many in fear of their lives as roads were blocked and innocent civilians beaten and undressed.

However the Police launched a crackdown on the suspects who caused a lot of damage and harm and so far a number of individuals have been rounded up including Lwansingo John and Ssekayombya Dan who were captured with body armour, teargas cannisters and knives in the towns of Nansana and Mwera respectively.

Since yesterday, heavily armed Military personnel in riot gear could be spotted patrolling the streets of kampala as they tried to quell the fires and bring calm back to the city. However tensions continue to rise between the government and opposition as they await the release of their leader Robert Kyagulanyi who is to appear in court today in Iganga.

Other presidential aspirants such as Henry Tumukunde and Mugisha Muntu decided to halt their campaigns in solidarity with Robert Kyagulanyi and Patrick Amuriat who had been detained by the Police in breach of the Covid-19 guidelines.

Those in opposition continue to accuse the government of police of being partisan and unfairly treating aspirants in opposition to the current regime.

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