Uganda, South Sudan defence chiefs resolve on promoting regional peace, security and stability

The Defence Forces’ Chiefs of the Republic of South Sudan and Uganda have reiterated their countries’ commitment to fostering peace, security and stability in the region as they advance their common values of Patriotism, Pan-Africanism, and Regional Cooperation.

This resolve was made during a bilateral security meeting held at the Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces’ (UPDF) 4 Division Headquarters in Gulu City on Friday the 20th of November 2020.

Uganda’s security delegation was led by the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Lt Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi, whereas the delegation from the Republic of South Sudan was headed by the South Sudan People’s Defence Forces (SSPDF) Chief of General Staff, General Johnson Juma Okot.

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General Johnson Juma Okot, who chaired the meeting applauded Uganda for its hospitality to South Sudan People who consider Uganda as their second home. He specifically commended Uganda for opening its borders to South Sudanese refugees. He said the two countries have strong historical ties that dates back to their common fight for freedom.

Lt Gen Wilson Mbasu Mbadi emphasized that the two sister forces will continue working together to strengthen peace, security and stability for the good of their people and the region. He reiterated that no situation should undermine the relationship between the two countries and therefore, commended the ongoing efforts to identify security gaps that endanger the lives of the people along the common border.

“Nothing should undermine our historical ties. We will ensure that we dispel any contradictions which may undermine our longstanding good relationship,” said Lt Gen Mbadi.

Present at the meeting were the Commander Land Forces of the UPDF, Lt Gen Peter Elwelu, SSPDF’s Chief of Military Intelligence, Lt Gen Rieny Tuony Manor, and other senior UPDF and SSPDF Commanders.

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