Are you a teacher, and worried about whether your students understand the lessons properly or not? If the answer is, yes! Then you are in the perfect place! Each day, after teaching the lesson, you need to know what your pupils have understood. If you have a grip on their knowledge gaps, then you can regulate your lessons to target them. Well, online assessment tools can help you in this case!

In today’s content, we are going to explain the difference between formative and summative assessments, online tools, and their advantages. If you want to support your students, then read on to know more!

Main Concepts of Formative and Summative Assessments

Different assessment tools that a teacher used can be of two types. One – Formative. Second – Summative. Let’s learn the details of both!

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Formative assessment tools:  These are the tools that a teacher used to estimate and guide student’s in the form of quizzes, in-class questions assignments, and discussions. This thing works for better ways, as teachers frequently use the keys in their students’ formative assessment tools to teach their study plans and courses.

Summative Assessments: These tools are specifically made for final essays and tests, provided at the end of a program, course, semester, unit, or school year. Teachers use these to analyze student’s learning by doing a comparison of the performance to a standard. These are high-risk exams with a great point value that estimates heavily into a student’s results.

However, formative assessment is more good than summative as it regularly energizes students to learn properly. Digital formative assessment tools can enable you to motivate students to practice their memorizing goals as a normal and continuous part of their daily workflows. Here we are going to discuss 4 top tools. So, let’s get into it!

Top 4 best digital tools 2020

When we search for Digital tools for formative assessment on Google, we will come across hundreds of tools, but the point to be noted is that not all of them are reliable. Yes! It might be a complicated situation to choose one best tool from hundreds. We understand this problem; that’s why we have explored deeply into the web and came across the four best tools that will be suitable for everyone. Let’s have a look at the list: –

  • Ed-Puzzle.
  • Google Class Forms.
  • Quizizz.

Let’s break them down to know what advantages they can offer!


  • – Plagiarism Tool


One of the most meaningful things you require to solve before you start analyzing the quiz test is to ensure that the answers are not plagiarized. Well, you should not analyze their information on the wrong basis, and this is why will support you to check plagiarism in assignments tasks. It is a wonderful plagiarism checker that immediately lets you do an accurate plagiarism check of any part of writing. It provides a deeply analyzed report of your content and shows if it has been duplicated from any other source. 


  • Ed-Puzzle


It is a great formative assessment tool that facilitates the teacher to create a quick assessment of the videos. All you need to do is pick a YouTube video, grab it, or assemble your video accordingly, and then integrate a quiz anywhere. This free tool is really simple to operate from any part of the world. It is a reliable site that doesn’t compromise on user’s privacy and security. Moreover, you will be skillfully able to control the progress and current status of your students. 


  • Google Classroom Forms


It is a useful formative assessment tool that can check the student’s familiarity with a topic. Google Classroom facilitates the teachers to organize some questions related to the topic and share them with students. This tool also requires you to make these questions into a collaborative quiz or just can be viewed by the teacher. The teachers can handily plan a quick quiz using the Google Form. Well, there will appear a lot of options with the kinds of questions you can inquire about, containing short, easy answers, a passage, multiple-choice questions, or a square grid.


  • Quizizz 


It is another one of the most incredible tools for formative assessments. Quizizz is a platform with thousands of amazing quizzes accessible for teachers to obtain, or to build their own. Students are provided with a code to enter the quiz contests. If your pupils play an interactive round in the classroom, they can share one gadget, communicate, and provide a shared answer or play it individually, with all of that is having a separate device. Educators can also assign a quiz to be finished as their assignments/home task.

The Bottom Line

Formative assessment has become a big part of every school or classroom and very essential to determine the potential of students respecting their academics. Educators from all over the world use these methods to observe if their students can grab what they are teaching.

Dear Readers! All those as mentioned earlier digital formative assessment tools, including plagiarism checkers, quiz makers, and online lesson makers, will enable you to exactly do that.