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A total of 118 lawyers were enrolled as Advocates of the High Court in a ceremony at the Judiciary headquarters in Kampala presided over by the Registrar High Court, Mr. Samuel Emokor, who represented the Chief Registrar.

The Chief Registrar, Ms. Sarah Langa Siu, congratulated the new advocates on the milestone of becoming officers of Court and wished them success in their legal practice.

Mr Aaron Motoka who represented the Secretary of the Law Council, reminded that the new advocates that signing on the roll bound them to the code of conduct.

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He urged them to ensure that they do at least 40 hours of pro bono work in a year as a way of giving back to the community.

Mr Motoka advised the new advocates to exercise honesty, integrity, be accountable to their clients, independent and act upon instruction.

In order to keep up with trends in the law, he recommended that they undertake continuous legal education.

The President of Uganda Law Society, Ms. Pheona Nabasa Wall encouraged the new officers of Court to use their skill for the greater good of humanity.

She urged them to utilize their words to win cases and plead for their clients.

The Chief Registrar thanked Mr. Motoka for giving guidance to the new advocates. He pointed out that it was important for the advocates to distinguish themselves from other people.

HW Emokor reiterated the need to practice law with integrity, to always be prepared, respect each other and the courts and that they should never forget their duty to the court, clients and community. He encouraged the advocates to take the profession seriously and also protect it.

“The road before you is waiting for you to pave it, you can pave it with gold or anything you want. The future is bright, make your choice carefully,” he said.