Mr. Amin

With all due respect, it is quite concerning to hear US President-elect Joe Biden boldly roar that “America is back and ready to lead the world again!” He was explaining the role of the team that he has selected to formulate his administration’s foreign policy. And he is saying this without even feeling the slightest discomfort at any probable arrogance, utter boisterousness and disrespect that it might echo to the over eight billion other humans in their own countries on this planet, who will be affected by his foreign policy decisions.

While such words sound like coming straight from the centuries of empire and colonialism, psychologist might find the same undiagnosed attitude being behind the disproportionately high number of disturbing incidents of police brutality against black people and people of color in the US. It possibly finds fertile ground in a certain patriarchal or patronizing view regarding ones role in society or in the world vis-a-vis “others”.

I thought democracy meant that we the people choose our leaders and our destiny. But the peoples of the world did not elect Mr. Joe Biden or America to lead them, did they?

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Mr. Biden was clearly elected by the vibrant and enterprising American people whom I love and respect so much. So it is fair to say that let him preside over them, not the rest of us.

Clearly the globalists over-reach is back. And they are confirming the worst fears of many in all corners of the world by immediately and unashamedly asserting claim to the planet.

If I may speak on behalf of those around the world who did not have their say in the US election, for the last four years we were told not to interfere. Therefore we definitely did not get to choose Biden or anyone from his country to lead us, or make decisions on our behalf. So we kindly ask him (or any other aspiring globalist) to please respect not only their clearly stipulated constitutional mandate toward their people and their country, but also have the utmost consideration and respect for the will of our own peoples and their sovereignty over their own countries. In this day and age, already a fifth of the new millenium passed, one should not feel comfortable thinking it is ok to tell almost 8 billion sovereign human beings around the planet that he or she is now ready to lead them with or without their consent.

What I know about peoples in Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia and even millions across Europe, is that while we all appreciate advice, assistance, partnerships and pragmatic cooperation, we need every leader regardless of their nations financial or military might, to be humble enough to focus themselves to their constitutional mandate, within their jurisdiction, and leave the rest of us alone to our own self-chosen destinies and human dignity unless called upon respectfully, diplomatically and in good faith to work together on matters like climate change, #Corvid-19, trade, corruption, human rights, women’s emancipation, terrorism, education, refugees, peace-keeping, conflict resolution, and/or economic development for example.

God bless us all!

Signed: Mr. Hussein Lumumba Amin

November 26th, 2020.

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