Youth of Kamwokya Community Services packing soil in bags to work on the road in Kifumbira zone Kamwokya. Photo by Ronard Shabomwe.

Residents of Kamwokya are excited over the rehabilitation of the community road in Kifumbira zone Kamwokya 2 parish in Kampala central.

The rehabilitation of this road which runs from mawanda road through Kifumbira zone and connects to green valley and other surrounding areas started on 3rd December and it will take over a week to be completed.

The road is being worked on by over 25 youths from Kamwokya community services, a community development organization-CBO in Kamwokya, in conjunction with Kampala capital city authority-KCCA.

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The residents say, this road has been impassable when it comes to rainy seasons due to floods and muddy nature of the road.

The road in question is used by vehicles which are delivering goods to shops, boda boda riders and many other people moving up and down from Kamwokya slum areas.

Annet Nambasa, a resident in Green Valley says that they hope to operate their business smoothly and use the road well since floods won’t affect them anymore. Nambasa who is also a candidate standing as a woman councilor in Kamwokya 2 parish asks the Kampala authority to work more on the road since it benefits a lot in the society.

Justine Tushemereirwe, a resident of Kifumbira zone told this reporter that she has several times fallen down and sustained injuries when she is on a boda boda from work.

Tushemereirwe has two scars on her left knee which she says came as a result of several accidents she has had on boda.

Michael Tumusiime who operates mobile money in the area says this development has come at a right time when heavy rains have disrupted the business and movements in the area. Therefore hopes for positive results.

This road will take over 8 million (eight million shillings), which will be spent on murram packing bags, purchasing trucks of murram and to help in facilitating the workers.

Rogers Mukama Pokino, a founder of Kamwokya community services told this reporter that this community road is important to many people, however due to its poor state, many people have been affected. He says they had to contact KCCA to ask for permission to work on the road and give back to the community.

Mukama hopes that when it is done, people will use it and this will bring more developments in the areas especially to business people since it will ease the accessibility.