Garbage-floating-in-strench-in-Kamwokya-Kisenyi-1-zone. Photo by Ronard Shabomwe.

Voters in Kamwokya, a densely populated Kampala informal settlement, have tasked local candidates to explain their plans for improving on hygiene and combating crime before voting them in the 2021 general elections.

Candidates tasked include councilors standing to represent residents in areas of Green valley, church zone, Kisenyi 1 and 2, Kifumbira zone, Mulimira and other areas found in Kamwokya slums.

Kamwokya is one of Kampala’s biggest informal settlements (slums) that has a large population with many water trenches which some residents use as garbage dumping sites. Residents say, this is a great challenge in an area.

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Residents also say because of unemployed, youth are increasingly been linked to inter-communal conflicts, violent extremism and criminality.

The residents challenged the candidates; Robert Abigaba, the candidate for LC 3 councilor of Kamwokya 2B, Annet Nambasa woman councilor LC 3, Paskazia Nansubuga woman councilor LC 3 Kamwokya 2 A and Namitala Mary councilor LC2 church zoon, during a door-door campaigns this afternoon to explain their plans for rampant crime rate and poor sanitation.

Mike Kafureeka, a resident of Kisenyi 2 says, their area is full of garbage as a result of lack of where to dump them, which end up in water trenches. Kafureeka argues that it is also risky to move past 8 pm because of groups of boys that beat residents and snatch their belongings.

He accuses the incumbent leaders of failing to solve these two challenges which have really affected the developments in the area.

Charles Kiwanuka, a business man in Kifumbira zone asked the candidates to let them know their plans for tackling the challenge of high crime rate and sanitation, he said they need also to engage KCCA to come up with clear physical planning for slum areas like Kamwokya because poor housing and over population also contribute to crime and poor sanitation.

Esther Oineababo and Irene Nakimuli both business women said that candidates should plan on how they would deal with the major issue of poor sanitation and theft in an area.

Candidates have promised to tackle residents’ issues. Robert Abigaba promised to solve these challenges, saying he will ensure that criminality is fought against by establishing local defence personnel to solve this crime. He says, KCCA used to clean trenches and collect garbage on a daily basis, but it is no longer comes. Adding that he will do all it takes to bring back this system.

Other challenges affecting the residents of Kamwokya include; unemployment among youth, poor electricity connection among others.

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