Museveni campaigning in Busoga.



The people of Busoga sub-region have praised the NRM government under the leadership of President Yoweri Museveni for the development programs in their area, especially the good road network in the region.

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This was contained in the memorandum by the leaders of the districts of Mayuge, Luuka and Jinja read by the Minister of State for Agriculture Aggrey Bagiire at a meeting held at the Agriculture Show Grounds in Jinja City with NRM Presidential flag bearer President Museveni.

“The road from Musita to Mayuge road the 54 kilometers industrial and city roads to be worked on and other roads that have been earmarked will spur the economic growth across Busoga sub-region,” they noted.

They noted that other programs like Emyooga (SACCOS), youth and women funds, industrial parks and the livestock farms among many others will help the people of the area get out of poverty.

The leaders further observed that with the development and growth of Uganda and Africa and the fight against pandemics like #Covid-19, Busoga and Uganda in general will continue to be secure under the leadership of President Museveni and the NRM government.

The leaders in the sub-region leaders assured Museveni of their solid support in the forthcoming elections to allow the continuity of development in the country for the next 5 years.

Jinja LCV Titus Kisambira in his welcome speech also pointed out that the only person who can secure the future of this nation and Africa is President Museveni.

“You are there for us, you are a nationalist and a pan Africanist, we cannot afford to lose you Mzee. We will support you so that you continue to take this country and Africa forward,” he said.

In his address, Museveni said that running society is a science because if matters are not done correctly, you end up with wrong results. He cited the recent riots by some groups that had vowed to make Uganda un-governable, noting that these groups tried to cause trouble but got the right medicine and will never attempt again.

“This Bobi Wine was trying to create some drama by going to the Electoral Commission, but nobody accompanied him because they now know the truth,” he said.

He said that if the government did not have a strong security system they would have done a lot of damage.

Museveni acknowledged that the youth have socio-economic problems but added that their concerns can be handled and will become peaceful once sorted out.

“The youth are not hard to deal with, they are being misled by infiltrators who are being used by foreigners and we know them. Their problems are not tribe or religion but socio-economic,” he said.

The President said that government sent to Busoga region Shs17 billion for the Youth Livelihood Program to cover the last four years but the number of those who benefitted is so small compared to the large population of the youth now in the region of about 3.5 million people.

Candidate Museveni urged the leaders once in parliament to help him in the allocation of more resources to such funds to realize an impact among women and the youth.

He also called on the leaders to fight corruption by some officials who ‘edit’ the youth money before it reaches the recipients.

Mr. Museveni further urged leaders to encourage their constituents to get engaged in modern commercial and calculated agro-production for both food and financial security.

The President pledged to handle some of the concerns raised by the leaders of the region like the issue of sugar. The NRM Presidential flag bearer called on Busoga leaders to inform the electorate that NRM has played a unique role in Uganda.

“Tell the people that we have succeeded because of the correct policies of NRM, tell them to support our party so that it continues to do better things for the country,” he said.

President Museveni told delegates the root causes of the problems in Uganda and Africa and how NRM through her wisdom diagnosed the challenges and has correctly prescribed the right medicine that  is putting Uganda back on its feet.

The Speaker of Parliament the Rebecca Kadaga raised some concerns by the people of Busoga region one of them being the issue of sugar.

The Minister for the Presidency Esther Mbayo applauded President Museveni and all sympathizers for being by her side when she recently lost her only son.

She however, urged all leaders from Busoga to ensure that candidate Museveni and all NRM flag bearers win in the forthcoming elections.

The Deputy Secretary General of NRM Richard Todwong pointed out that in all the memos by the people of all the regions candidate Museveni has visited show total commitment and appreciation by the people of what NRM has done for this country

He observed that leadership is a public good that is delicate and NRM cannot afford to hand it over to amateurs who will take us back to the dark days. He urged the leaders to continue supporting the struggle.

“We also recognize that leadership being a public good cannot easily, especially at the apex like the presidency, be handed over to amateurs,” he said.

Uganda is a very delicate good and if we handle Uganda recklessly and carelessly it still has the potential of sliding back to what you elders know.

The Regional NRM Vice Chairperson Eastern Captain Mike Mukula took the meeting through the political history of Uganda, where they came from, where they are and where they are going.




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