NRM candidates meeting at TLC Kisenyi 2 Kamwokya. Photo by Ronard Shabomwe.

The National Resistance Movement-NRM Candidates of Kamwokya have started a campaign of looking for support for President Museveni in Kamwokya and nearby areas.

These candidates include those contesting for various positions like councilors, local council 1 among others in Kamwokya and Mulimira zone, city suburbs.

The candidates reason that they intend to look for support of their NRM flag bear Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Museveni as they move sensitizing youth to shun away from engaging in protests which end up costing their lives.

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Faisal Mukiibi one of the candidates on NRM veteran league says they are doing that because Kamwokya has many youth who are always drug abusing. He adds that such youth have been easily used by opposition hence causing riots in the city.

Mukiibi argues that unlike in the past where Museveni has been getting more support in Kamwokya, this time it is a challenge because Kamwokya is a grass root of Robert Kyagulanyi, the national unity platform flag bearer, therefore, as NRM candidates they are obliged to look for support to maintain their support.

According to James Kakooza, an NRM candidate for councilor LC 2 Kamwokya 2, they are for the first time witnessing the defacing of campaign posters of NRM candidates especially President Museveni. Kakooza says by seeing this, they have decided to become ambassadors for NRM and their president to win hearts of the youth in Kamwokya.

Maria Namitala, a woman councilor LC 3 Kamwokya, says, Kamwokya being the head quarter of NUP, as NRM candidates, they will have to fight hard to look for support as well. Namitala adds that they will have to move to different slum areas where they know that opposition has support, particularly People power.

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