NRM Secretary General Justin Kasule Lumumba

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has reportedly briefed the chairman of the National Resistance Movement (NRM) President Yoweri Museveni over exorbitant corruption and embezzlement of funds at the secretariat.

According to the source at the NRM secretariat, youth reported to Ms. Rebecca that they are only accorded Shs150,000 as transport refund for attending presidential scientific campaigns in Busoga sub region.

Kadaga told the president that; “Youth are complaining that Shs150,000 is very little. Kindly intervene because your young people are not happy,” it has also been revealed that Museveni got pissed off and called the secretary General Justine Kasule Lumumba for clarification however her phone was off.

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Lumumba is reportedly in quarantine at Hotel Africana after testing Positive of Covid-19. The resident there after asked his body guard to get him Emmanuel Ddombo or Director Finance and administration at the secretariat Madina Naham but all efforts hit a snug.

Mr. Museveni however revealed that he released Shs50 billion to facilitate scientific campaigns. She reported that all delegates have only been receiving Shs100,000 instead of Shs250,000 as the president directed.

“Rt. Honorable speaker you just wait. I’m going to squeeze those people to cough the enjawulo they have been eating on each delegate. You wait you are going to see real fire in CEC one of these days. Their days are numbered,” Museveni said.

It has also been reported that rental payments for 13 Kyadondo Road hangs in balance implying that Lumumba has been diverting money for rent.

Dr Tanga Odoi also questioned Kasule Lumumba on how and where the rent money disappeared. Dr Tanga Odoi asked Kasule to account for the money as Sudhir’s Crane Management services has not received rent for three years.

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