RIP: James Saka

The Former Executive Director of the National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) James Saaka has passed on.

The deceased retired in August after working for 10 years. According to sources, Saaka is reported to have succumbed to #Covid-19.

During his tenure at NITA, they operationalized National Backbone Infrastructure (NBI) with over 4,000 kilometres of fibre laid across 49 districts, with 480 government offices connected including seven major border points.

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According to the New Vision, by the time he left, NITA was planning to connect over 1,000 sites across 58 districts to the network. Though the cost of internet to government was at $1,200 (sh4.44m) when he joined, they managed to bring it down to $70 (sh260,000) per Mbps, and hence save taxpayers’ money.