Brig. Deus Sande

Electoral Commission Chairman and Justice Simon Mugyenyi Byabakama, the country appreciates receipt of the initial badge of our electoral materials in a record time. However “cgs”, “ndc”, “psc”, initialled generals world over must be familiar with operational art, mission command, organization of command, mission analysis and exercise of command yet some are threatening to disapprove the outcome of the electoral process in breach of the army and national law. If so why don’t we abandon the general election altogether and adopt a LOTTERY to pick lucky leaders, to assist save the hundreds of Billions of shillings and Dollars, avoid chaos and resultant blood bath such as what is taking place in the country during this political season?.

This system worked for a poor young American boy many years ago who had lived single (alone) for some time and wished to get married but no girl would accept the boy’s proposal because of the moneyless condition he was in and certainly could not be able to support both himself and a wife. It is a situation in which many young men including the church goers (faithful) often find themselves. So in spite of all that the young lad could do, he was entirely unsuccessful in his hunt for someone to share life with. He had two problems; one how to secure sufficient income and two to convince the girl to marry him. The young man designed a plan to advertise in such a way that he could soon have a needed money to enable him get a girl to marry. So one morning his advertisement appeared in Georgian (USA) newspaper with catch words;

“A young man of a good figure and manners but not rich wishes to get married as soon as possible and needs money for this purpose. He therefore proposes the following strategy”. “Six Hundred serial numbered TICKETS shall be printed and each shall be sold for 50 (Fifty) US Dollars. The buyers of the tickets shall be restricted to only girls and or women under the age of 32. After all the tickets are sold, one lucky number shall be drawn and the owner of the ticket with that number shall be THE WINNER. The proposed price to be won by the lucky girl/woman shall be the young bachelor himself together with 50 per cent share of the 30,000 dollars   

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We do not need to be prominent or influential to be good thinkers!!. For starters, I have read compelling and consistent regime stories and accepted the old normal is that every regime has destructive arrivists (the we’re going nowhere) and the Twakowa (we’re fed up) camps. Arrivists normally include civilian opportunists and armed personnel who tend to be intimidating, powerful, ambitious and dominant.

General Idi Amin Dada’s generation birthed Hussein Malera, Butabika, Isaac Maliyamungu, Nassur Abdallah, Hussein Mawa, Noparking extra but one would also find highly professional soldiers (Officers) such as Gen. Francis Nyangweso, Moses Ali, Hussein Ada. The Obote 2 Government produced the likes of Major Ageta, Basilio Olara Okello, Kakata Namiti and many others. It can therefore be dangerously abnormal to see LACK OF THE SAME CAMPS IN OUR CURRENT GOVERNMENT, BUT DISCIPLINE THEM.


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