Ingrid Turinawe.
EC Village Verification

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has dismissed Ingrid Turinawe, Winnie Babihuga, and Darius Tweyambe from the political party after they defied the party constitution and stood as independent candidates after losing out in the primaries.

In a letter copied to the FDC party president, the chairperson of the Electoral Commission and all flag bearers, the party Secretary General Nandala Mafabi states that as per Article 12(d) on Cessation, it states that; if a member joins another party or in an election stands as an independent ceases to be a member of FDC.

“The entire public is hereby informed that these independent candidates are not members of FDC and have no moral authority to act on behalf of FDC,” Mafabi stated.

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Nandala also ordered that FDC structures in Rukungiri must only be used to solicit support for FDC and warned that any other party members who campaigns for an independent candidate or otherwise shall be dismissed from the party.

He further told the three members to immediately stop using the FDC sign and colors or otherwise they shall advise the Electoral Commission to disqualify them.

“Any member of the party who campaigns for an independent or otherwise shall be dismissed from the party,” Mafabi warned.

The party also confirmed its Rukungiri flag bearers as Tumwine (Rukungiri Municipality), Betty Muzanira (Woman MP Rukungiri), Charles Maharu (Mayor Rukungiri Municipality), Fred Turyamuhweza (Rujumbura Constituency) and Naboth Namanya (Rubabo County).