Sharif Muramuzi in his rented room in Kisenyi 2, Kamwokya zone, infront of him is his wife Sarah Nuwabiine attending to him.

A 25 year old Sharif Muramuzi a boda boda rider in Kamwokya has spent four days unconscious after he was dozed with Chloroform on Thursday evening.

Muramuzi was hired by a client on Thursday evening, according to his friends from Kamwokya to Mpelerwe on his motorcycle registration number UFA 432/D Bajaj boxer, when they reached there, they made a stopover and his client bought a soda for him. When he took it, it was the last time for Muramuzi to know what was happening up to now.

According to Aniber Asiimwe, a brother of Muramuzi, by the time they were called to pick him, they fought the customer and took off with Muramuzi’s motorcycle and his situation was worse and they hoped he would get better in a few days.

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Muramuzi who is being attended by a health worker in his room in Kamwokya is still unconscious, despite being on treatment for four days.

Asiimwe says his brother has been on treatment since Thursday last week; however the situation has failed to come back to normal. Asiimwe worries that; this might have a permanent side effect on his brother’s health.

Sarah Nuwabiine, a wife to Muramuzi worries that this might end her husband’s ability to work for the family anymore. Nuwabiine who is eight months pregnant says her husband has been given treatment however the situation has failed to change.

A health worker who is attending to Muramuzi off the record and on condition of anonymity told this reporter that at least he is not how he received him and he assured the family that Muramuzi will be better. He wonders how a common person can get chloroform which is supposed to work in hospital theatres only for the right purposes.

He adds that a number of criminals use chloroform to sedate their victims to carry out heinous activities like rape and robbery.

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