Gen. Tumukunde addressing crowds in Bukhaweka in Namisindwa District.

The former spy master and Independent Presidential candidate Gen Henry Tumukunde has asked the people of Bugisu to embrace change by electing a competent person to replace President Museveni who has been in power for the last 34 years.

Gen Tumukunde remarked at Bukhaweka village in Bubulo East Namisindwa district where he pitched a camp conversing for support ahead of the 2021 Elections.

“I know Bagisu (Bamaasaba) decide once and this should be the same at this elections, many days or years but in same situation and that is why I am asking you to vote for change so that we can take Uganda forward but look for competent person who will take this country forward. Look at Bududa, every year, it is Bududa, Bududa and so will Bududa change? When will people stop dying because of landslides? So do that by voting.” Tumukunde said.

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He said that Uganda’s issues are so complicated and that they require experienced leaders like him who have seen it all from the 1980s. He averred that the country could be drawn into civil war in case Bobi Wine is trusted with power.

And yesterday, the former Bush war General and the commander in Chief Gen Yoweri Museveni dismissed that none of the presidential candidates challenging him is competent to take on the mantle to lead Uganda.

He compared Gen Tumukunde, Gen Mugisha Muntu and Col Kiiza Besigye to a wheelbarrow saying that he has pushed them from far and none of them can lead Uganda.

“Gen Tumukunde, Gen Mugisha Muntu and Col Kizza Besigye have always said I should retire, hand over power but I know them and I have pushed them to become what they are. Until I get a competent person, I will not hand over leadership,” Museveni said during his campaigns in Rukungiri.

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