Bobi Wine

Government has petitioned Google and Facebook demanding the deletion of the National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s campaign supporting platforms.

According to the a letter written by the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC), government claims that Bobi Wine’s campaign supporting platforms; Map Media, Kyoto, Olujjuliro, Lumbuye, KK TV, JB Muwonge, Trending channel, Uganda yaffe, Uganda Empya, Ghetto TV were used to mobilise riots which resulted into the reckless death of over 50 Ugandans.

The sporadic riots followed the arrest and detention of Bobi Wine. The singer was later charged for Acts likely to spread Covid-19 and freed on bail.

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The commission noted that YouTube is being used to disseminate information contrary to UCC Act of 2013 and regulation 8 (2) of UCC regulation of 2019. UCC contends that the online social media channels disseminate extremist content likely to incite violence against sections of the public on account of their tribe and political affiliations.

“You are urged to immediately stop abetting any further breach of the regulatory and panel of laws of Uganda through your communication channels. Review You Tube operations to ensure that they don’t circumvent the legal and regulatory requirements of Uganda,” the commission wrote.

In September 2020, UCC directed all persons offering or planning to commence the provision of online data communication and broadcasting services to obtain authorization before offering services to the public however bloggers declined to heed to the directives noting that it infringes on their rights to communication.

The service providers include but not limited to blogs, online televisions, online radios, and online newspapers, audio over IP (AoIP), Internet Protocol TV (IPTV), Video on Demand (VoD), Digital Audio radios and televisions, internet/web radio and internet/web television.

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