Col. Nuwagaba.


President Yoweri Museveni has dropped Col. James Nuwagaba from Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces Marine brigade.

Gen. Museveni sent Col. Nuwagaba to army general headquarters awaiting deployment. Details of Col. Nuwagaba’s sacking weren’t available by the time of Eagle Online published this story but sources within the security circles pointed to the cries by the population especially the Speaker of Parliament on allegations of torture.

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Col. Nuwagaba and his team have been overseeing the security and fisheries sector on the lakes and other water bodies across the country but there were several cries by the population pinning them on torture.

The Fisheries Protection Unit banned fishing of undersized fish during its inception in 2017 as part of the move to end immature fish but also to realign the fishing sector.

The UPDF Marine led by Lt Col. James Nuwagaba believed the move would quickly help end illegal fishing. Two years after the Fisheries Protection Unit recorded tremendous success in the fight against illegal fishing, several leaders rose up against the unit alleging that soldiers deployed on the waters were torturing them.