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Museveni will not get 51% mandatory vote – Gen Tumukunde

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Independent Presidential Candidate Rtd Gen. Henry Tumukunde has predicted that President Yoweri Museveni will not have the 51 per cent mandatory vote in the 2021 general elections thus requiring a re-run since they are now facing tough elections.

Tumukunde has boasted of being the most likely contender who may even get an outright win from the incumbent although the majority regarded him to be weak including some members of the opposition.

“I have every belief beyond reasonable doubt That we are going to win this election and am not joking about it at least what I am much sure of is that 51 per cent for President Museveni is not quality available. Am very happy the way our campaign is built up, if it was not the intention of #Covid-19 pandemic I can sure you would be having a very good turn up.”

“Am also excited about the eastern region especially adding it over and above Western region and northern region since am largely accepted candidate and am glad I don’t have limitations even areas which are not necessary associated with me and it’s good we have a great history in this country performed as Ugandans and people seemed to be rewarding us.”

“The way things are, I can assure you that we shall have a re-run or an outright win, for me actually am convinced it will be an outright win on our own part. I have covered every district where I was stopped to. So I have more reason to believe otherwise other than that we stand a chance to have a peaceful change in this country Uganda,” said Tumukunde.

He added that from the reception he has been getting since he began his campaigns is just enough to prove that he is another silent force to reckon with in the near elections.

“Now then what we are talking about, I am now indicating myself, I told my colleague in opposition that we should have worked together. It would have been an easier case. Of course some of them ‘opposition’ they think am weak and that’s not necessary true although it has been easier solution through our own problems of making sure that we move Uganda forward,” he said.

He said that as he was passing through young towns really dependently on market, he thought of the need to structure a system that finances those businesses by building a modern market and on top of it put classrooms and daycare so that children do not mix with market and their parents who are struggling making money for the family.

“They are doing quite a lot both men and women and am convinced that should we help them on tax money and own ‘Emidaala’ as ownership to process money in banks like Post Bank on law rates than chasing money in money renders with huge interest rates.”

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