Vice Chancellor Elli Katunguka receiving a key from the Contructors infront of the Newly contructed Gate.Photo by Ronard Shabomwe.

The newly built main gate of Kyambogo University has uplifted the image of the Banda based public University.

The Kyambogo main gate also known as west end gate is one of the many development infrastructures that have been under construction since the year began.

According to Vice Chancellor Professor Elli Katunguka, the gate has changed the face of the University and this is no longer the shabby Kyambogo people used to know.

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“We wanted to have a main entrance that portrays the value, beauty and stature of Kyambogo University and I believe that this main gate portrays a good image of the university,” says the Vice Chancellor.

Several times, Kyambogo university gates have been posted on social media platforms in comparison with the high school gates in a mocking way, indicating that some high school gates are better than gates of Kyambogo University which is a second largest public university in Uganda.

Patrick Kalule the University engineer says this state of the art entrance gate at west end campus, under the contractor Carl Investments Ltd, costed shillings 410 million. Kalule adds that it is constructed with many provisions like control system and it is also facilitated with ICT and communication systems and other provisions will be added in with time and depending on the need.

Charles Okello the University Secretary explains that this gate is one of the many development infrastructures that the university is working on. Other developments include, renovating the Special Needs faculty, improving the drainage system of East end football pitch at 470 million Shillings, and rehabilitation and upgrading of Fisher road to standard bitumen paved surface, which is approximately 1.08km stretching from the West end Entry gate to East End gate.

Okello adds that they are also planning to construct more gates for the University which includes Kabaka gate and Banda gate. In order for the university to limit people who use the university roads to beat traffic jam, they will put a charge in future to help generate money to maintain the beauty of the gate and roads in the university.

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