RIP Gen. Lokech


Major General Paul Lokech seem to be exited at his new assignment given the speed at which he is implementing decisions.

Just within a week after his appointment, he appeared on the screens and airwaves assuring the country of how all will be well during and after elections. But as he moves fast, does it occur to him that he is actually the Deputy Inspector General of Police whose boss is Martin Okoth Ochola?

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Does he remember that just week, there was another Major General Sabiiti Muzeeyi in that very office and that his predecessor had never held a presser to communicate an event like he has.

Not yet to be outdone by the Police Spokesperson, CP Fred Enanga, Lokech issues another statement how police won’t allow journalists that haven’t been accredited by the Media Council to cover elections. How does the work of the Media Council end up being communicated by the Deputy IGP? At least it should have been Media Centre. Anyway, this is a matter before court and it should be left to court to decide.  But here is the scenario, why is Lokech who seems to be media hungry communicating the suspicious regulations? Why at the time when journalists and media lovers have been turned into boxing rings for operatives?

Ugandans have high regards for Gen. Lokech despite the allegations that he slapped a traffic officer as she carried on her duties. But as he carries out his duties he should remember that at one time, there was Gen. Kale Kayihura and by the way a four-star general heading Uganda police and the question should be where is Gen. Kayihura?

Like Gen. Lokech, Gen. Kayihura also liked the media and oftentimes he as well took over Enanga’s job.


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