Home News A 26 year old NUP accident victim spends Shs60,000 daily on wounds

A 26 year old NUP accident victim spends Shs60,000 daily on wounds

A 26 year old NUP accident victim spends Shs60,000 daily on wounds
Mukwaya resting in at his home in Wakaliga after receiving his arm treatment.

Hussein Mukwaya, the National Unity Platform-NUP accident victim, spends shillings 60.000 a day on treating wounds that he sustained in Masaka accident.

Mukwaya who spent over a month in CoRSU Rehabilitation Hospital, a specialized surgical hospital in Entebbe where he spent over shillings 8 million, says CoRSU did its best and discharged him on 24th December. However, it has become a challenge raising shillings 60.000 that he requires every day to undress, clean, treat and dress his wounds.

Mukwaya got an accident in Masaka when he was on his motorcycle carrying three colleagues, following Robert Kyagulanyi, the NUP Presidential candidate who was heading to Mbarara for the launch of his manifesto on 7th November, when a police vehicle forcefully pushed him and his colleagues which made them end up in a terrible accident that almost took his life.

In CoRSU hospital, Mukwaya says, doctors did a wonderful job to see that he survived being amputated. His colleague that he did not disclose was amputated because the hospital found that his leg was already affected with tetanus.

Mukwaya a father of two who sleeps in a rental in Wakaliga, a city suburb which he pays shillings 200.000 every month has found life so difficult now that he can no longer work for his family. When asked how he managed to raise shillings 8 million that he spent in the hospital, he noted that NUP supporters mainly those in South Africa have been sending him money that helped him go through all that treatment.

Every day, a well-wisher rides Mukwaya to Kamwokya at NUP headquarters where he attracts good Samaritans who give him some money that he uses to feed himself and work on his wounds.

Mukwaya is nursing two serious wounds, one on his left arm which was injured and another one on his right thigh, where doctors cut the muscle that was added to his arm which was left with no muscles.

According to Muhammad Kiggundu, a 7th November Masaka accident survivor, people have contributed towards Mukwaya’s treatment generously and he prays that well-wishers continue supporting them to enable Mukwaya heal.

Kiggundu noted that Mukwaya at times misses treatment when he fails to get money for treating his wounds and his wounds get worse.