Dr Sam Lyomoki

Dr. Sam Lyomoki and Dr. Ekwaro Obuku have lost in the Workers’ MP elections which happened yesterday at Kibuli Secondary School.

Currently there are five slots for individuals who represent workers in parliament. The five categories include; Youth, army, elderly and disabled.

According to Mr. Ibrahim Kakembo who presided over the hotly contested elections, the five categories attracted 18 candidates.

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The poll results indicate that the new entrant Abdu Byakatonda defeated the incumbent Dr Sam Lyomoki after he garnered 174 votes.

The election also saw National Organisation of Trade Unions (NOTU) chairman Usher Wilson Owere, Dr Ekwaro Obuku losing.

The winners include National Resistance Movement’s (NRM) Charles Bakabulindi who garnered 228 votes, Margaret Rwabushaija 291, Arinaitwe Rwakajara 271 and Agnes Kunihira 326.

Kakembo said a total of 500 delegates participated in the election and six didn’t show up.