Court of Appeal in Data Cleaning Exercise

Heaps of files piled on desks, a team of Judiciary IT experts busy trying to harmonize the data captured electronically with the Court manual records, is what first gets your attention when you set foot in Court Room 1 at the Court of Appeal.

Led by the Senior Information Technology Officer, Joseph Sinabulya, the team will peach camp at the Court for the data clean-up exercise.

The exercise is in preparation for data migration from the Court Case Administration System (CCAS) to the new Electronic Court Case Management Information System (ECCMIS) – a software solution that will integrate all courts.

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The process involves a physical file count which is tallied with the automated record in CCAS.

The IT team which is working with the Registry staff at the Court is looking at all pending cases on the CCAS and their current case positions.

It is anticipated that at the end of the exercise, both the manual record and the digital records will be at par.

Mr. Sinabulya says similar exercises have been held at the Supreme, Anti-Corruption, International Crimes, and LDC Courts.

For the first phase, 18 Courts will benefit from the data clean up exercise before the same is rolled out to all the courts in the country.

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