Kyambogo Students moving out of the University , infront of them is UPDF Soldiers patrolling the university, anticipating a protest from students.

Students at Kyambogo University have opposed the university’s saying that students have been studying online; some students have revealed to our reporter that they have never accessed any learning materials via online.

The students claim, it is unfair for the University to come out and say that all students have been studying Online yet most of them failed to access the study materials online.

According to the Vice Chancellor Elli Katunguka Rwakishaya, continuing students resumed studies using the ODel system on 18th January and they (students) were supposed to start their physical lectures on 1st February. However, this did not go like they had planned.

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Professor Katunguka further stated that they had to relay the position of the government on the re-opening of the universities and encouraged students and academic staff to continue utilizing online learning using the ODel system as the University awaits government guidance.

John Mbaziira, a student leader said as students they are disappointed by the Vice Chancellor’s communication that the University will not open for the next three month, and students will remain studying online. Mbaziira reveals that the online studies have failed to help students.

He also highlighted that it is not only students challenged by online, ”I have interacted with lecturers who have oftentimes told me that they have failed to send study materials online apart from sending PDF’s on WhatsApp.”

Deborah Ampereza a bachelor of accounting and finance second year student explained that in her class, none of the students has managed to access the study materials online, and wonders which students the university says they are studying online.

Lawrence Otahunga a first year student of Bachelor of Arts with education said as students they have really suffered with online studies. He noted that since the university started sending student materials online, most of them have failed to access them due to issues to do with poor internet connections in rural areas among other challenges.

Commenting on the student’s argument that they have not been attending online studies, Reuben Twinomujuni, the Senior Public Relations Officer Kyambogo University, said it is true that some have managed and others failed. He further urged students who have challenges with online to come to the university and access free internet and perhaps seek guidance from ICT team.

“Those who have not, for whatever reason should have ways of joining because that is the way to go. We can’t say that okay, we have defied come and study,” Twinomujuni adds.

In 2020, Kyambogo University set aside more than Shillings 400 million to set up an online platform for continuing students as they moved to tap into the digital learning space. This was a decision taken by the top management to invest in online learning platforms after realizing that the Covid-19 pandemic may take long to warrant face to face learning.

The money was meant for training lecturers how to use online tools, purchase online teaching equipment and induct students. However students say they were not inducted like they had planned to also hinder the online learning process.

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