Spokesperson Patrick Onyango
EC Village Verification

Police have issued a warning statement cautioning the public against attending or hosting Valentine’s day parties.

Police say, they have read, listened and seen several advertisements both online and traditional media advertising parties in different places like hotels, beaches and other open arenas to celebrate valentine’s day on Sunday February 14, 2021.

“We therefore want to warn the organisers of these parties to desist from breaking the law and stop advertising for the events. The statement reads in part.

Stories Continues after ad

Patrick Onyango, the KMP Spokesperson, said Ministry of Health guidelines still stand and the COVID19 instruments:

He adds that the Public Health (Control of COVID-19) rules, 2020, that was put in place to fight the spread of Corona virus is still in operation.

He further appeals to members of the public to report to police any party or event that breaches the Coronavirus regulations, adding that any person that will attend such events will be arrested for breaching the laws.

When asked about the President’s directive of only 200 people are allowed to gather, Onyango noted that even this will not be working on this lovers day.

“People gather even beyond this allowed numbers and when we arrest them, because others have to escape, they will start arguing that they were few. This is what we want to avoid this time” Onyango explains.

Every year on 14th February, many people who believe in this day, especially lovers, converge and Merry make. Events organizers often times take the advantage and invite entertainers to entertain lovers.