As #Covid-19 struck the globe and Uganda in particular, the pandemic brought misery and innovation to mankind. Eagle Online has been told of a story how a senior bank officer in Uganda hired an ambulance to meet his side dish throughout the lockdown.

Due to the outbreak of #Covid-19 pandemic, in March last year President Yoweri Museveni ordered for lockdown in major sectors which included transport, education and others. The lockdown was meant to curb the spread of the virus.

In his address, Museveni directed that it is only boda-boda riders but for delivery of essentials only, truck drivers and other essential workers who were allowed to move from one place to another. The essential workers were availed with #Covid-19 stickers allowing them to freely move around major towns in the country. But even the stickers to the essential workers too took time before they reached the intended users.

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To his dismay, the official who works in one of the top banks was not given a sticker and that left him grumbling.

According to a reliable source, the thirsty bank official developed an idea of how he could see his girlfriend who resides in Masaka City since he could not ride a bike. At that time, the married banker could walk a kilometre away from his home to talk to his juicy babe via video calls.

“The called me to brainstorm about how he can get to see his flower. I told him that I have a friend who can give him an ambulance at an affordable rate and I could risk to drive him to his destination and he welcomed the idea. Next day we met the guy and he asked him for Shs150,000.”

“My friend, it was like acting comedy, there is a friend of mine who offered us his daughter who acted as a nurse. We could dress her amidst laughter. We could give her Shs50,000 at times Shs70,000. We looked gorgeous with our N95 masks. We passed all the roadblocks without any disturbance and  we used to set off from the hospital  not so far from my home,” the source told Eagle Online.

He said they used to go Masaka every week and the housewife was duped that he was going for certain bank assignments.

“Let me tell you, that is how he managed to go through lockdown and that helped him to avoid domestic violence and all sorts of problems at home.”

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