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Where is Wanyaka? Bagisu leaders to demand from Kadaga

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Elders in Bugisu are pushing their new members of parliament not to vote Rebecca Kadaaga has the Speaker of Parliament.

The leaders are angry that Kadaaga has for long used the Eastern card to keep herself relevant in the NRM politics yet she does not care about other tribes in the region except her Busoga.

The bitterness of Bamasaaba stems from reports that Kadaga protected corrupt officials in parliament whom IGG found guilty of graft.
IGG indicted top officials of parliament- Bakwega, Wabwire , Nabitaka among others for corruption.

Mr. Wanyaka

The officials obtained money ( Shs100m) from parliament fraudulently.
IGG asked parliament to sack the said officials but Kadaaga has protected them.
The officers were instead rewarded. This was contrary to how Kadaaga treated Mr Wanyaka who was the director of parliamentary budget.

IGG investigated Wanyaka and asked for his removal. Kadaga quickly waved the axe on Wanyaka.He appealed the IGG case and won in court.
Parliamentary commission was ordered to give Wanyaka his job back but Kadaga refused.

It’s the same Kadaaga who has ‘protected’ other corrupt officials.
The Bamasaaba are warning their MPs not to vote Kadaaga for persecution of Bagisu workers in parliament while she protects others. “The corrupt are only punished when they don’t support Kadaaga but rewarded when they are her supporters” One elder told this website.

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